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Large Blue Whale Illustration

Blue Whale Facts

The blue whale (scientifically referred to as balaenoptera musculus) is a large marine mammal that is part of the baleen whale (mysticeti) suborder and is the largest animal alive growing to lengths of up to 100 ft. long and weighing as much as 150 tons or more. In addition to the blue whales massive size it is also one of the loudest animals in … Continue Reading

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Do Dolphins Have Teeth?

Yes, dolphins do have teeth. In fact all species of dolphin belong to the toothed whale suborder and teeth are one of the characteristics that are present among all of the toothed whale family (in … Continue Reading

Northern Right Whale Dolphin Facts

The northern right whale dolphin is a mid-sized dolphin that can be found living in the north pacific ocean, particularly around the Continental shelf and slope. These dolphins are known for their … Continue Reading

Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?

Yes, whales do have belly buttons. In fact whales, dolphins and porpoises are all born with belly buttons. Whales are marine mammals and like "almost" all mammals one of the characteristics they … Continue Reading

All About Dolphins

Dolphins are marine mammals and like almost all mammals they are warm-blooded, give birth to live young, produce milk and require air to breathe. Unlike fish and some amphibian species dolphins are … Continue Reading