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Killer whale jumpint out of water

Killer Whale Facts

The killer whale (scientifically known as orcinus orca) is a large oceanic marine mammal that is part of the toothed whale (odontoceti) suborder. The toothed whale suborder is comprised exclusively of whales, dolphins and porpoises that are born with teeth instead of baleen plates. While the killer whale carries the name "whale" as part of … Continue Reading

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Whale Watching in Maine

Those who come to Maine quickly realize there is a lot to explore here. Bordered by the atlantic ocean Maine is well-known for their outdoor living and oceanic lifestyle and is a great place to go … Continue Reading

La Plata Dolphin Facts

The la plata dolphin is a small dolphin that can be found swimming in the coastal waters of southeastern South America. These dolphins are identified by their large beak and brownish gray skin … Continue Reading

Dolphin Facts For Kids

Did you know that dolphins are actually marine mammals? Because dolphins are mammals they are warm-blooded, breath air, give birth to their offspring and nurse their young with milk. Unlike fish … Continue Reading

Minke Whale Facts

The minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata/bonaerensis) is part of the baleen whale suborder and belongs to the group known as Cetacea which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. They are … Continue Reading