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Welcome to Whale Facts where we strive to help you learn about the cetacean species.

If you curious about whales, dolphins and porpoises or other marine mammals you’ll be able to find it on this website.

Whale Facts has been created to be your ultimate resource on whales, dolphins and porpoises and give you answers to many of the common questions people want to know about the cetacean family.

In addition to learning all about the whale species you’ll also gain insights into the lives of dolphin and porpoise as well a few other marine mammals and aquatic species.

So whether you’re a die-hard whale fan or just curious about the cetacean species you’ll be sure to find the answers to many of your questions on this website.

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What’s unique about Whale Facts?

Find in-depth answers to common questions about whales such as:

  • What do whales eat?
  • Do they eat people?
  • Do they have teeth?
  • What is the biggest whale?
  • How long do they live?
  • How do the communicate?

and much more.

You can also find articles on many of the popular species of whale such as?

  • Killer whales (actually dolphins)
  • The Sperm whale
  • The blue whale
  • The humpback whale
  • The narwhal

And as stated earlier we also include lots of information on dolphins and porpoises.

To learn more about these amazing marine mammals just go to the toothed whale and baleen whale pages located in the websites navigation.

Interested in the history of whaling?

We’ve got answers.

Curious about the meaning of whales in dreams?

We’ve got that too.

How about answers to what whales mean in mythology?

Ditto, I think you get the hint.

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