Do Killer Whales Eat People?

No, killer whales don’t eat people.

In fact there have been no known cases of killer whales eating a human.

Killer whales aren’t even considered a real threat to people.

For the most part killer whales appear to be quite friendly creatures and have been a main attraction at aquarium parks such as sea world.

There have however been several cases of killer whales in captive attacking their trainers, but in those cases the killer whale usually grabbed hold of the trainers limb or hair and pulled the trainer underwater, but they never tried to consume a person.

While these cases have happened they are rare and only a handful of aggressive attacks have been reported over the years.

Most of the attacks that trainers have faced left them with only minor cuts and bruises.

In addition to rare attacks the number of human fatalities that have been caused by killer whales are also quite rare, especially since new rules were put in place to limit the trainers direct exposure to killer whales both during training and at live shows.

These new rules are believed to prevent anymore fatalities and injuries from occurring in the future.

Some individuals argue that holding a killer whale in captive will increase the likelihood that it will become aggressive due to the fact that it is being isolated to a small environment and separated from its family and friends.

After all keeping a killer whale away from the ocean and other killer whales can have a huge effect on the marine mammals state of mind and cause it to feel threatened.

As a species killer whales are very intelligent creatures.

They can teach one another tricks and survival strategies, socialize together and hunt in cooperative groups.

As many as four generations of killer whales can be seen swimming together in a single pod which suggests that the social bonds these animals carry are vital to maintaining a healthy society within the killer whale community.

Some researchers even say that the social structure of killer whales is comparable to the cultures of humans and elephants.

In regards to why killer whales don’t eat people there have been several attempts both scientifically and theoretically to explain their lack of desire to hunt or kill people.

One answer suggests that killer whales don’t find humans tasteful.

Researchers stated that humans don’t appeal to the taste buds of killer whales so they have no desire to eat us.

Another answer is that we do not resemble any type of food source a killer whale is likely to eat so they do not see any reason to attack us.

The third possible reason is that as a society killer whales have taught one another that hunting humans is not good or desirable and that people should be left alone.

As stated before they are a very intelligent species and are capable of making large group based decisions.

In any case most researchers can agree that killer whales just aren’t into hunting and eating people.