What Do Dolphins Mean In Dreams?

Dolphins are regarded in most cultures as a symbol of enjoyment and social connection.

To see a dolphin in your dreams can signify a variety of positive feelings and circumstances.

The dolphin primarily symbolizes connection, empathy and different forms of happiness.

When you see one in your dream, it may indicate that you are socializing smoothly and relating well to peoples feelings and/or getting along exceptionally well with others in general.

This feeling of happiness and contentment could be tied to your social life or your work life.

A dolphin appearing in a dream can indicate that you have just made a strong, powerful connection with someone; perhaps a new romantic lover or a new friend you have just made.

The dolphin can also signify the improvement and strengthening of a current relationship with someone important in your daily life, such as a partner, family member or close friend.

The specific circumstances in which the dolphin appears is also important.

Playing with dolphins in the water can signify that the dreamer is attempting to escape from a high-stress job or relationship into a calmer, happier, less demanding job or relationship.

Dreams about chasing a dolphin show that the dreamer is (or wishes to be) actively pursuing a job or relationship that is fun, accepting or highly affectionate.

To dream of saving one or more dolphins signify that the dreamer is hoping to rekindle the fun and passion in a lackluster job or relationship.

In this way, a dolphin can be a critical symbol that brings to light a less than pleasant reality, but should also be seen as an optimistic sign that the dreamer strongly wishes to improve his or her situation.

A normally solitary person dreaming of chasing a dolphin strongly indicates that he or she wants to socialize more, and wants to gain one or more meaningful human connections as a result of doing so.

It is a sign that he or she desperately seeks to break their lonely, solitary cycle and explore the vast world of relationships.

A dolphin appearing in a dream can also represent that the dreamer has opened a line of communication between his or her conscious and/or subconscious mind and is thus more in tune with the inner self and psyche.

Dreams about dolphins are thought to be highly spiritual and can be viewed as a symbol of encouragement to seek spiritual guidance.

If the dreamer is riding a dolphin, this can indicate that he or she wishes to move upward in life, using the mind to its greatest capacity.

A dream in which the dreamer is touching or making eye contact with a dolphin represents a sensual connection to someone, based on physical and intense emotional attraction.

When the dream involving a dolphin is particularly vivid, it can symbolize that the dreamer is feeling extremely energetic and vivacious in their everyday life.

In some cultures, a dolphin jumping in the water beneath a full moon indicates budding femininity, or the enjoyment of existing femininity.

Jumping dolphins can also point to a feeling of vitality and good health, particularly if the dreamer has been taking exceptionally good care of his or herself recently.

In a select few circumstances, a dolphin can carry a somewhat negative meaning in a dream.

To dream that a dolphin is dying indicates that a connection has been lost, or that someone the dreamer had been previously close to is withdrawing or growing distant.

To lose sight of a dolphin shows that the dreamer may be reminiscing about someone they were once very close to, but have lost or no longer feel close to anymore.

Many cultures believe the dolphin represents duality, since the dolphin is essentially both a fish and mammal (dolphins are actually marine mammals but represent fish like mammals in certain cultures.)

This duality, however, is not associated with conflict; rather, the dolphin represents harmony between two worlds at once, or “yin and yang.”

Overall, dolphins in dreams represent strong ideas of positivity and connection to others, but personal experiences, beliefs and cultures can alter the positive and/or negative associations of what a dolphin represents.

How your experiences and perception affects your dreams

While dolphins are often regarded as a positive symbol in dreams it is important to understand what that symbol means to you and whether it is a positive, neutral or negative meaning.

When it comes to our dreams and the symbols we see in our dreams (such as dolphins) the meaning of those symbols can vary from one person to the next.

This is because of the individual experiences we have and the associations we place on the objects/symbols in our lives.

When we have a positive or negative experience we can associate that with the things around us.

For example if you just broke up with someone you had a serious a relationship with after being given a necklace with a dolphin on it or being given a stuffed pillow dolphin you might associate that breakup with the dolphin symbol you received, so every time you see a dolphin it reminds you of that heartbreaking event.

On the other hand if you grew up watching cartoons featuring fun and amazing dolphins you may associate dolphins with excitement and intelligence.

Your personal experiences and perceptions can go a long way towards how you see dolphin in your life and in your dreams.

How recent events can trigger dreams about dolphins

When you learn to associate dolphins with specific events or moments in your life (often unconsciously) your mind may automatically bring up old memories or repressed feelings of dolphins which then become a part of your dream.

As stated earlier you may have experiences that form how you perceive the meaning of a dolphin.

Perhaps one day you go shopping and see that dolphin necklace or pillow that reminded you of a breakup or you saw an old cartoon featuring a dolphin that made you smile.

When you go to sleep those old memories may become vivid in your dreams causing you to see a dolphin which may then bring up old positive or negative feelings and associations.

In these situations you may want to think about an earlier time in you life when you may have had an emotional event that could be linked to your memory of a dolphin as this can help you determine what dolphins may represent to you in your dreams.

The more detailed you are the better your chances of recovering those old feelings and associations will be, which can help you identify your own personal feelings and the symbols associated with them.

What recurring dreams can tell you about dolphins

One of the best ways to get a better understanding of the meaning of dolphins in your dreams is to take a close look at how you feel every time you have a dream involving a dolphin.

Are you typically happy, excited, positive and carefree or do you feel sad, angry, trapped and negative.

Your feelings can tell you a lot about your associations with the various objects in your dreams.

If your feelings are constantly changing every time you have a dream involving a dolphin then there may be other elements of your dream that are affecting how you feel.

Maybe its the environment or other objects associated with the dolphin that’s in your dream.

Perhaps your dreams are affected by several different objects in additional or despite having the dolphin in your dream.

The clearer you can get about the details of your dreams and the objects in them the better you will be at interpreting the feelings and meanings associated with them.

Sometimes a dream is just a dream

While you might place a significant association with the dolphin you’ve dreamed about its important to understand that sometimes a dream is just a dream.

As you experience different things throughout your day and week the mind sorts through all of your experiences and if one of your experiences was an image of a dolphin then that image may become part of your dream.

Many people believe that our dreams are here to help our brains sort through everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Under these circumstances those flashes you experience of a dolphin may be nothing more than your brain filing away all of the memories you’ve acquired over the days or weeks.

To help you determine whether your brain is just filtering through old/new memories or if the dolphin represents something important to you it is important to determine how strongly your feelings were regarding your experience with the dolphin.

Was it emotional and intense or was it just a quick glimpse of an animal that sparked your interest for just a few seconds?

Is it a recurring dream or just a one time experience?

Can you link the dolphin to anything important that has happened to you recently or in the past?

By asking these questions you can become more clear about the meaning and whether or not it carries a significant value to you.

Advice on interpreting you dolphin dreams

When it comes to interpreting the meaning of your dreams there are a number of important steps you can implement to get the best results.

First, get a dream log or book so that you can write down your dreams and the details of those dreams.

If you find it hard to write your dreams immediately after waking up you may want to purchase an audio recorder or use the voice recorder on your phone.

The more details you can put into your dream log the better.

Be sure to write down how you felt when you saw the dolphin along with how you felt and reacted towards other objects that may have affected your dream.

Also write down the time of day, the environment you were in, the weather and the events that were occurring around you.

Next compare that dream with any other dreams you’ve had involving dolphins and look for common, recurring events, themes and/or feelings.

Are your dreams similar or very different from one another and if they are different what (if anything) keeps recurring in those dreams.

Finally try to look into your past and remember if there were any events you’ve experienced that you either directly or indirectly associated with a dolphin.

Did you have a personal experience where you were in contact with a dolphin or did you happen to be in an emotional situation where a dolphin (image, symbol or toy) may have been present or even given to you.

It could be a dolphin pillow, clothing, necklace, television show or anything else that may have created an emotional symbol/meaning.

If that’s not the case try to remember if anyone else had an experience related to a dolphin where they told you their story.

Sometimes we associate other peoples experiences with our own and form opinions based on what they tell us.

If you have any preconceived beliefs or thoughts about dolphins than those feelings may create an emotional bond with the dolphins you experience in your dreams.

By noting down all of these facts and memories you can begin to determine the meaning you have associated with the dolphins in your dreams and by doing this you may be able to find out what dolphins represent and mean to you.