Why Are Dolphins Endangered?

Unfortunately some dolphin species are considered endangered due to historical and current day factors that caused many dolphins to lose their lives.

Dolphins are an amazing species of marine mammals which belong to the cetacean family.

The entire cetacean species is made up of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

There are currently around 40 known species of dolphin in existence today and around 80 known cetaceans in total.

Dolphins can be found swimming in all of the worlds major oceans though most species tend to prefer living in warmer climates in and around the equator due to their small size and thin layer of blubber, which makes it difficult to stay warm in extremely cold environments.

Dolphins such as the killer whale are much larger in size and thus can be found swimming in colder regions of the world that smaller dolphins are likely to avoid.

When it comes to the reason why some species of dolphin have become endangered there are a number of factors that have contributed to their current state.

Unfortunately each of these factors is the cause of human developments and interaction with the oceanic environment.

While dolphins weren’t hunted nearly as much as their whale relatives were there are a few species that were hunted for meat and oil.

The bigger contribution to the endangerment of the dolphin species came from advances in technology which led to bigger boats, the construction of dams, water pollution, fishing nets, over hunting of fish, man-made developments and global warming among other human created technology.

Endangered dolphins are an extremely concerning area for marine biologists and naturalists because if a dolphin becomes endangered it increases the chances that the species may become extinct or unable to repopulate quickly enough to create a sustainable species.

Not only would their species become extinct, it would also create an imbalance in the oceans ecosystem and food chain.

By reducing the number of dolphins in the ocean other species that the dolphins consume would begin to grow at a fast rate.

If those fish and other aquatic species begin to over-populate they will consume other forms of food and prey at an extremely quick rate and eventually they may end up eating their prey or to the point were their food would be unable to sustain itself causing the overpopulated fish to starve from a lack of sufficient food.

While this may just seem like a plausible concept if marine mammals continue to become endangered and die off this could have major consequences on the oceans ecosystem and ours as well.

Factors that led to the endangered dolphin species

  • Illegal hunting
  • Pollution
  • Boats & Technology
  • Global warming
  • Fishing nets
  • The construction of dams
  • Closed up rivers
  • Man made platforms that isolated large river beds
  • Increased numbers of captive dolphins
  • A lack of food due to humans overhunting fish

Below you will find a list containing some of the endangered dolphins